Levi is ONE! {Carbondale & Sesser, IL Baby Plan Photographer}

These babies just keep doing what they do best…grow up….:(What a sweetheart Levi is! He didn’t want to let go of Mommy, so thankfully mama didn’t mind to be in some photos, so we ended up with some very sweet pictures of Mommy with her babies!:)

Levi was not feeling it with his cake….sorry buddy….

Abram~3 years old { DuQuoin & Sesser, IL Growing Up Child Photographer}

Abram is THREE already…seems like we just finished his baby plan the other day….he’s a member of my Growing UP plan, for ages 2, 3, 4, & 5. LOVE getting to watch these cuties grow!
He was so much fun & crazy, just as any 3 year old boy should be!

Casey & Kelsey~engaged Wedding in September {Marion & Sesser, IL Engagement Photography}


I had a wonderful engagement session with this beautiful couple! Casey & Kelsey are getting hitched in September!

Alayna~1 year old {McLeansboro& Sesser, IL Baby Plan Photographer}

I can’t believe how much better the photos look here on my blog than they do on facebook. Facebook does some kind of compression…ugh! Photos are SO much prettier here! As they should be!:)

Another little baby planner has grown up on me, darn it.:(I do love my babies! Happy birthday to Alayna!

Jacob~8 months {Carbondale & Sesser, IL Baby Plan Photographer}


Poor guy! We had to reschedule twice due to him being sick…but third time was the charm for this guy at his 8 month pictures!:)